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Photography is a passion of my retirement.  It combines my love of the outdoors with the creativity which has marked my interests. 


The places and people I connect with through my photography add up to incredible experiences: The awe of watching the Milky Way slowly appear in the night sky.  The wind, a relentless locomotive, bursting through the trees on the ridges.  The soft curl of the dahlia’s petals, the blending of pinks and yellows. The family of four skipping down the dirt road, laughing as snowflakes coat their heads. I take the picture, play it back, and catch my breath at where I live and the people I am surrounded by.


Do not even get me started on the power of the processing.  I get to decide what more I want the image to say.  How do I get across the wildness of the bison and his don’t mess with me attitude? How do I create a Milky Way shot with the foreground visible?  How do I get across the intensity of the storm? The possibilities are endless, the challenges a delight.


In sharing the images, I only hope that a piece of the beauty, of the power, of the story, of the wonder, comes through.  Can I get across the experience of wading through thigh deep snow as the sun bursts through a snowstorm? I don’t know, but I do know, I love trying. 

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